Panchineta® our sign of identity

The Panchineta® was born more than 80 years ago in the ovens of Casa Otaegui, from the hands of Emiliana Malcorra, widow of Otaegui.

The secret of its authentic recipe has since been kept in our family. Passing it on from generation to generation, we have been able to serve you the most classic dessert of San Sebastian freshly made every morning, faithful to its original preparation and with the same lifelong affection.

The star dessert in San Sebastian and the Basque Country, made in our ovens with crunchy puff pastry, filled with a soft custard heart, covered with a thin layer of toasted almonds and with our secret touch since the 30s. To share it with those you love the most or to take it as a little whim; cold or warm; as a dessert, breakfast, snack or to enjoy it during more special events… A delicate and unique cake, perfect to sweeten any occasion!

As with all our products, Casa Otaegui’s Panchineta® is available to eat in or to take away in our stores. In addition, you will also be able to order it online and receive it freshly made wherever you want. Thus, you will not have to give up this delicious treat wherever you are.

We package and send all our baked goods with the same care and dedication we elaborate them with every day.