A family, a story,
a passion.

Casa Otaegui — Since 1886

At Casa Otaegui, following a lifelong family tradition, we offer you the best of pastries and baked goods every morning. You will find the unique creations of our pastry chefs in our stores in the heart of San Sebastian.

Founded in 1886 by Raimundo Malcorra and Josefa Martina Otaegui, and later run by Pedro Otaegui and Emiliana Malcorra, Casa Otaegui has been making confectionery and artisan sweets from our bakery for over four generations.

At Casa Otaegui we only work with the best quality ingredients: flour, butter and pure chocolate, always without preservatives, flavorings or additives.

In addition, we control the entire cooking process, allowing us to always offer you the best product with the highest possible quality and freshness.

Every day, our pastry chefs work from dawn to supply our stores with a tasty selection of baked goods always freshly made following artisanal methods: cakes, pastries, tea pastes, chocolates and, of course, Casa Otaegui’s own signature creation: the Panchineta®.

The authentic Panchineta®, created by Emiliana Malcorra, is a cake that combines the crunchy puff pastry, the softness of the custard and the character of toasted almonds in perfect balance.

True to its original recipe since the beginning of the 20th century, the popularity of the Panchineta®, inside and outside our borders, has made it the most emblematic dessert in San Sebastian and the Basque Country.